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Osteoarthritis is more and more common in adults and especially in the elderly. More than 80% of people over the age of 65 have osteoarthritis and most people over 75 years of age have degenerative radiology of at least one joint.

Osteoarthritis often causes discomfort, reducing the mobility of the joints. This affects the health, work, quality of life.

Therefore, we need to equip the knowledge of joint pain. What is the joint pain? Causes, symptoms, prevention and find a way to treat pain and bone pain in a timely and useful.
What is the joint pain?

Musculoskeletal pain is a condition in which the joints are affected, thereby affecting the mobility of the bones, including joint swelling, joint stiffness, joint pain and aches, joint deformities, and joint pain.
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What causes pain in the joints?

1. Age cause
Causes of bone pain first must mention that age. Over time, organs are exposed to aging, including those with two crucial cartilage and cartilaginous structures that cause joint pain.

2. Causes of disease

a. Arthritis

 + Osteoarthritis: In osteoarthritis, cartilage damage can lead to bone grinding directly on the bone, causing pain and restlessness. This lesion can occur for many years, or a joint injury or infection can accelerate it.
 + Rheumatoid arthritis: The body's immune system attacks joints causing inflammation of the synovial membranes, causing swelling, redness and joint pain. Rheumatoid arthritis can damage the cartilage and bone in the joint.

b. Degenerative joint disease

Symptoms of osteoarthritis can be caused by many diseases, but nowadays osteoarthritis is the most common disease. Cartilage and cartilage injury characterize the condition.
3. Causes due to other factors

- Due to obesity: The skeletal muscles of the body are designed to withstand an average weight. When the body weight exceeds the allowable limit, the system overloads, increasing the pressure on the joints. In particular, knees, hip, and spine joints, which cause the cartilage joints to wear out, pull the bone under the cartilage is also quickly hurt.

- Due to weather: Changes in climate such as dryness, dampness, hot and cold weather, etc. can lead to a series of changes in the body such as changes in fluid viscosity, blood supply (change of the vasculature), the precipitation of salts, ... The main changes in this cause pain in the joints.
Symptoms of joint pain are common.

- In the morning when you wake up, the patient feels pain in the joints, body fatigue, massage for 15-20 minutes to be able to move. Occasionally the pain may appear suddenly.
- Inflamed areas show dull pain or severe pain, uncomfortable aches and pains, in case of severe illness such as electric shock. The pain quickly ended but then lasted for several hours.
- An aching body aches after labor, fatigue or body cold. The affected joints also show signs of redness.
- Sore throes when moving
- Hands numb legs, motionless flexibility
- Body fatigue, high fever due to poor blood circulation
- The pain increases with movement and decreases with rest.
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