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Questions & Concerns?

What conditions can be helped with MB Lasers?
o Please visit our application page under “Treatable Conditions”

Are there areas that cannot receive treatment?
o Thyroid as it can compromise thyroid function
o Eyes
o Stomach/Lower back of pregnant woman as the effects of the laser on
a fetus are unknown
o Potentially cancerous lesions as it can stimulate proliferation of
existing cancer cells

Are there any harmful side effects?
o There are no known side effects when MB Lasers are used properly by
a trained technician. However, do not shine laser directly into eyes as
it could cause retina damage.

What is the difference between normal lasers and MB lasers?
o MB lasers can travel long distances without being dispersed.
This allows the laser to focus on penetrating cells in a small perimeter. MB Lasers is shown to have a strong beneficial effect on cells and muscle tissue.

How do I know what treatment to receive?
o Upon contacting our clinic, you will be scheduled an appointment to meet with an in house doctor personally or through telemedicine in
order to receive your diagnosis. The doctor will then provide a
treatment plan that will work specifically with your condition.

Over 60,000 clinical studies worldwide have proven the success of therapeutic lasers to help with neural muscular-skeletal conditions

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