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What is BioEnergy Low Level Laser Therapy?

BioEnergy Therapy is a photobio modulation or Low Level Laser Therapy(LLLT). It is a light therapy using infrared wave-length to improve tissue repair, reduce pain and inflammation wherever the beam is applied. Usually applied by a doctor, therapist or trained technician, treatments take about 1-30 minutes and should be applied two or more times a week.


Cold Laser has been used for many years on sports injuries, arthritic joints, neuropathic pain syndromes, back and neck pain. Over 200 randomized clinical trials have been published on Cold Laser, half of which are on pain.

OUR customers include military, Precious soccer teams, Olympic teams, hospitals, rehab centers and nursing homes as well as specialist LLLT clinics in the USA and worldwide.

With the patented BioEneLonGen (BELG) method, and FDA Clearance, MB-System technology has successfully helped more than 40,000 patients worldwide for pain and other major disorders.


BioEnergy Light Therapy can be used for what conditions, according to the scientific research?

  • Neurological Problem (Hemiplegia)

  • INJURY (Accident/Sport)


  • Internal Medicine

  • Wound / Bed Sore / Diabetic Ulcer

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